As artistic director and co-concept designer of
Seeing In The Dark [SITD], Simon Allen uses a democratic creative process to build multi media installations that also function as experiential learning tools. SITD projects are designed to advocate for the rights of people with sensory impairments and disabilities.

These are large scale installations, sometimes encompassing many rooms that are presented in a completely light-proof environment. Visitors experience the external world reconstructed in darkness as an audio narrative journey incorporating aspects of role play. This uses a montage of field recordings and music projected via multiple lo-fi sources. Within this environment, visitors are facilitated by an integrated staff, most of whom are visually impaired. Previous incarnations have included the making of imageless cinema, gardens, railways, roads and market stalls.

Blind People’s Association - Ahmedabad, India 2005
Druphad Gallery - Dhaka, Bangladesh 2003
international development]

Collaboration with Egyptian sculptor Gamal Abdel Nasser following his residency in the UK as part of Africa ’95 produced two exhibitions of musical sculptures with performances on the artworks.

Espace Karim Francis - Cairo 1996
Delfina Studios - London 1995